iQonga loThungelwano loLuntu have recently submitted an ELRC-TESF reflection report on our activities working with our networks and community partners. It is based on dialogue, feedback from focus groups, video reflections and photovoice submissions that were collected as part of a three month long co-learning process. These have been brought together with conversations with many friends, colleagues and champions that have worked with us to help raise awareness about the pandemic and share information to keep people safe and to enable them to access social grants.

This report is the product of a small grant awarded by the Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures Network which was intended to:

“allow groups that have been doing substantive education, training and/or social learning work during the COVID19 pandemic to reflect on, and write up the work that they have been doing to identify lessons that could be helpful for TESF research and praxis over the next few years”

The short report seeks to provide insights into the impact of these efforts to raise awareness with rural and peri-urban communities in the Eastern Cape and further afield. Many of these efforts have sought to provide these communities with relevant and reliable information to support local-level responses to the COVID-19 situation and mobilise neighbourhood solidarity networks to respond to gaps in the response to the pandemic in the Eastern Cape. The report reflects upon the learning that has emerged from Activist-Educators working with champions and communities in these activities over the last year. It also reflects upon our collective work with advocacy networks across different provinces.

In this report, we share some of the contexts out of which iQonga loThungelwano loLuntu emerged – the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Eastern Cape, the governmental responses to the pandemic, the gaps in that response and the prior relationships that formed the fertile soil for this network to grow from. It provides insghts and reflections upon what we have learnt ourselves as coordinators and participants within the network, the impact of the network, and what the future holds.

The report is available as a PDF document for download here Iqonga Reflective Report (22 downloads)

Or read online below:

Iqonga Reflective Report